Vehicle Magnets

Does your everyday car double as your company car? Do you switch between vehicles often to make deliveries or sales calls?

Vehicle magnets are the perfect solution because they are transferable and stick to any steel surface.

Vehicle Magnets for cars, trucks & fleets are affordable and effective forms of advertising for all businesses. Our vehicle magnets come in custom sizes to ensure that they fit perfectly in the space available on your vehicle and each vehicle magnet can be printed with images, logos and contact information.

Why should I clean my car door magnet every day?
Magnetic vinyls can cause permanent damage to painted surfaces unless properly maintained, which includes daily removal. Please visit the Car Magnet Cleaning Instructions page for magnetic cleaning and care instructions.

Is a car door magnet safe to take through the car wash?
Although the magnets are weatherproof, we recommend removing car door magnets before entering a car wash. The water pressure and brushes can be strong enough to remove the magnets from your vehicle.

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